About Us

Control Technologies was established in 1980 by Mr. Michael Day in the Central Florida area in the Traffic Signal Control arena. After 44 years we still continue to provide solutions for the Traffic Signal Control and ITS markets. We have over 60 employees nationwide in our group of companies. We have offices in Florida, Virginia, Georgia, California, Oregon and Washington.
Control Technologies has manufactured over 15,000 traffic signal control cabinets and ITS cabinets in our ISO 9001:2015 compliant facility which were supplied nationwide. These include the NEMA style and 33X type units housing 170, 2070, NEMA and ATC-HD style controllers. We were involved in the first US-based IVHS (pre-ITS) test project in the Orlando area which included in-car navigation for tourists as they navigated the many attractions in the area. More recently, we worked with the City of Sunnyvale, CA on their signal modernization project which was funded by Google.
Control Technologies seeks to provide its customers with the very best traffic signal control and ITS solutions, so we work very closely with modern high-tech organizations, which are known for delivering innovation solutions that improve the efficiency, intelligence and safety of transportation networks while enhancing usability and productivity to keep traffic moving.

Control Technologies continues to provide the industry with a hands-on approach to service and support as well as years of industry knowledge. CT prides itself in providing its customers the highest level of service and technical expertise.

Control Technologies continues to grow its product line, focusing on products that deliver cost effective solutions and provide unmatched quality and performance. We are very selective in the products that we elect to represent. We have partnered with some of the most forward-thinking, industry-leading manufacturers. Intelight, Q-Free, FLIR, EDI, ComNet, Axis, Tesco Controls, ITS Express, Blyncsy, and Bosch are some of these companies.
Control Technologies has provided over 500 ATMS systems throughout the US since its inception. We have provided thousands of ATC controllers. Several states and municipalities are running MaxView® central system software and MaxTime® local system software (references provided upon request). Additionally, CT has provided integral technical expertise in the Connected Vehicle/ Autonomous Vehicle sector on various projects including the SPaT challenge in Tallahassee, FL (click here to see it in action) and the EasyMile project in San Ramon, CA (www.easymile.com). CT has also installed tens of thousands of Video Detection Systems across North America, and is currently working on hundreds more. CT is the chosen partner for many agencies and consultants because of their staff’s experience and superior customer service.

Our Mission: To be the first choice of our customers for products and services.

Our Quality Policy: Control Technologies will continuously improve to satisfy the needs of our customers and deliver on-time, defect-free products at a competitive price. ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

Our Environmental Policy: Control Technologies is committed to the protection of the environment, the health of its workforce, preventing pollution, conserving resources, continual improvement and meeting regulatory requirements for environmental protection.
In an industry that is ever changing, customers need technology partners that can guide them through the complexities of today's market. At CT, we are committed to being that technology partner for our customer.