Control Technologies offers expert local service and support for all of our products. We are proud to offer the following technical services:
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Turn-On/Commissioning Assistance
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  • Ensure proper cabinet component programming and signal operation for new cabinets and existing cabinet modifications.
  • Conflict Monitor Verification Testing
  • Program vehicle and pedestrian detection equipment.
  • Test and program battery backup equipment.
  • Program preemption in controller and test optical/hardwired preemption inputs.
  • Perform field training as necessary or per request for contractors and/or jurisdictional representative onsite.
  • Verify all components are operating the intersection safely.
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  • Identify, isolate, and resolve cabinet/component problems per customer request.​​​
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Phone Support/Remote Product Support
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  • Remote support via internet connection (may not be available for all products)
  • General troubleshooting/product assistance